In 2010, Williamsburg Enterprises began a partnership with Mosaic Residential Inc to acquire and reposition multifamily properties across Texas. To date, the partnership has acquired over 5,000 apartments, and is widely recognized as a dominant player in the local multifamily arena.


Williamsburg Enterprises Ltd is one of only a handful of private investment companies in the United States that has participated in this private/public partnership with the FDIC (“Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation”) to acquire performing and non-performing loans from failed banks and savings institutions. Along with Colony Capital LLC, Williamsburg Enterprises participated in the purchase of four different pools of loans, comprising in excess of Five Thousand (5,000) loans with an unpaid principal balance of over $2 Billion USD ($2,000,000,000).


Williamsburg Enterprises is an active investor in the oil and gas sector and has participated in over fifty unique opportunities across this space. The company makes direct investments in companies and projects, as well as indirect investments via private equity funds. One such investment is Williamsburg’s commitment to OFS Energy Fund II & III. OFS Energy Fund is a private equity fund solely focused on acquiring and growing lower middle market energy services companies.



Infinity Power Partners

Williamsburg is a founding partner in IPP, a regional power company, formed in 2011, that proudly serves the Houston community in optimum power procurement and consulting. IPP provides tailor-made power supply to corporate and non profit groups by analyzing specific energy needs, recognizing energy trends and using proprietary software tools.